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 AC Tool 5.4.0 Release - 7/12/2006
Please use the links below to download either the AC Tool Release for running macros or the AC Tool Source. Delphi 7 is required to use the AC Tool Source and the AC Tool Source is not needed to run macros.

Download AC Tool 5.4.0

Download the AC Tool Source 5.4.0 (not needed for running AC Tool)

Changes in the 5.4.x Release:
 5.4.0 - 07/12/2006
- This is the IPA Alpha 8 release recompiled which is an update to get
  Decal working with AC Tool
- Two new variables created {MMFName} and {MMFSize} which contains the
  name and size of the AC Tool Memory Mapped File
- New Asheron's Call command called UstSalvage which salvages the UST